Steps to follow

Step 1:

Ratchet strap, cover
Undo ratchet strap and elastic band and remove cover. Remove tent peg bag and ladder. When packing up camp, put cover back and align the corners first, only then valcro completely dust tight.

Step 2:

Opening tent
One person in front of trailer and one at the back of trailer simultaneously opening the tent sideways.
(Open door a little bit to allow air inside the tent) Pitch  pegs for side compartment (not to tight as one would struggle with the zips of the doors, resulting in stripping them) and 2x long poles for the big ,side window flap. Remove awnings and
ground sheet from awning bag.

Window Opening
Insert stay in bottom hole first and then bend back and
hook to window flap.

Step 3:

Rear awning
Select the wider, shorter awning. Start  from the kitchen side and velcro upwards to the top of the tent and across. Install the 3 long poles and tighten with pegs and rope.

Step 4:

Kitchen awning
Once rear awning is up, velcro kitchen awning, starting from the rear outside pole (common for both awnings) and work your way towards the front of the trailer. Use the remaining 3x short poles to pitch the kitchen awning, thus providing a slope for rain water.

PS: You may leave the awnings adhered to the tent for faster set up the next time, and fold it up with the tent. Many people however prefer not to pitch the awnings for one-night stay over.
Step 5:

Final Note

As for all the rest it is pretty straight forward. The detail of which will be supplied to you in the folder containing  your copy of the rental agreement, fridge settings, travel hints and other relevant documents.